Pavlos Restaurant and Rooms

73011 Loutro, Sfakia, Crete.

telephone: 0030 28250 91336

  Sitting in an open-air restaurant under a star-filled sky, the lights of the village shimmering slightly with the gentle movement of the sea. 

The only sounds are the low hum of quiet conversation, the muted chirp of the cicadas in the olive trees, and the waves lapping gently against the sea wall close to your table. 

If this sounds too impossibly romantic, then you have never dined at Pavlos restaurant.

   Nor is it merely a feast for your eyes and ears.  Your taste buds will fall in love with the fare provided by Pavlos and his staff.  Lamb and chicken,  spit-roast over charcoal, are complemented by the house specialty 'kontosuvli'.  This giant kebab of pork, onions, peppers and tomatoes originated in Pavlos restaurant.  All are basted during cooking with a fragrant smelling blend of olive oil, lemon juice and herbs.

    This is by no means all.  The menu ranges from the traditional to more exotic dishes.

 Greek salads, tsatsiki,  fried courgettes or aubergines all compete for your attention with octopus, squid, red mullet, swordfish, meat or fish souvlaki and a host of other delicacies.

To complete the fine cuisine, Pavlos offers rooms to rent on the traditional Greek tavern basis.  All rooms are en-suite, with modern furnishings, and all have their own balcony. 

Most have sea views, and many are air-conditioned.

   Visitors should be made aware of two problems with staying at Pavlos restaurant and rooms. 

The first is that when you get there, you will find yourself reluctant to move anywhere. The second is, you definitely  won't want to leave.


To contact Pavlos email: or direct dial the country code for Greece (0030), followed by the number 28250 91336  

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